NCBRAID-1/8Nickel-plated shielding

  • temperature range: to
  • EMI protection

NCBRAID is braided from nickel-plated copper wires according to specification ASTM B 355. This braided sleeving is widely applicable and available in 15 standard sizes, covering substrate diameters of up to 60 mm. The shielding meets highest demands regarding thermal and chemical properties, thus providing appropriate solutions for aeronautics, astronautics and defense.

Electrical properties

current carrying capacity 18 A


Materials nickel plated copper alloy

General properties

Markets Defense, Aviation, Aerospace
number of single wires 5
number of strands 24


Size range of product family 1,6 mm ... 57,2 mm
single wire Ø AWG AWG 36
inner diameter nom. (inch) 1/8
AWG equivalent AWG 15
weigth per metre packaging inclusive 19.34 g/m