100G0121-0.15-9/9Two conductor cable, halogen free, unjacketed

  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS
  • VG

Halogen free 100G0121 unshielded twisted pair cable series have particularly small dimensions and combine excellent flame retardance with low smoke emission in the event of fire (hazard limiting properties). The particularly advantageous properties also include mechanical robustness, flexibility and excellent processability. The core components meet the requirements of VG95218 Part 20.

Electrical properties

Voltage rating 600 V
Breakdown voltage 2,500 V
insulation resistance 500 MΩ*km
Conductor resistance 132.9 Ω/km

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -55 °C  to  125 °C


Materials tin plated copper, dual wall polymer blend material
Flammability highly flame retardant
Halogen content halogen free


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • black (-0)
  • brown (-1)
  • red (-2)
  • pink (-2L)
  • orange (-3)
  • yellow (-4)
  • green (-5)
  • blue (-6)
  • purple (-7)
  • grey (-8)
  • white (-9)
Colour colour combinations
Brand TE Connectivity Raychem
Markets IT, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Defense, Railway


Size range of product family 0,15 ... 4,00 mm²
outer diameter (nom) 2.06 mm
conductor cross-section 0.15 mm²
conductor stranding 19
metre weight 5.34 g/m