SFR-3/4-0-SPVery flexible, flame-retardant, silicone elastomer tubing

  • size range 3,60 ... 50,80 mm
  • shrink ratio ca. 1,7 : 1
  • temperature range: -75 °C to 180 °C
  • flame retardant
  • flexible
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS
  • Mil

Flame retardant and RoHS compliant SFR silicone elastomer tubing shows outstanding low-temperature flexibility. It is suitable for applications that require flexibility over a wide range of operating temperatures and offers high resistance to hydraulic fluids, fuel, and lubricating oil. SFR provides cable jacketing, harness protection, and strain relief for electronic components and wire splices.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -75 °C  to  180 °C
Processing temperature 135 °C  to  175 °C

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance fuels, hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil
oil-resistant Yes


Materials silicone elastomer material
Flammability flame retardant


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • black (-0)
Colour black
Brand TE Connectivity Raychem
Markets Industrial, Defense, Trade


Size range of product family 3,60 ... 50,80 mm
inner diameter as supplied 19.1 mm
inner diameter after heating 10.9 mm
recovered wall thickness after heating 1.44 mm
Shrink ratio ca. 1, 7 : 1