RDSSDuct sealing system

  • size range 32,5 ... 210 mm
  • easy installation
  • wide range of applications
  • easy removal
  • installs with water flowing
  • subsequent installation possible
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS

The RDSS sealing system consists of an inflatable, sealed bladder of flexible, metallic laminate material, which has pre-installed, high-temperature sealant strips on both sides. The RDSS sealing system is easy to apply and reliable in terms of a permanent sealing of cable tunnels and pipes.RDSS sealing elements allow for subsequent installation in deformed pipes, and install even with water flowing. The system is flexible and adapts to different cable assignments.

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance hydrocarbons, lye, Acids


Materials bladder of flexible laminate


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

Brand TE Connectivity Raychem
Markets Industrial, Trade, Telecommunication


Size range of product family 32,5 ... 210 mm

Article stock RDSS (6 of 6 Article)

Article Duct Ø min Duct Ø max Ø cable min Ø cable max Color availability Bookmark
RDSS-45 32.5 mm 45.0 mm 0.0 mm 32.0 mm silver-coloured upon request
RDSS-60 45.0 mm 60.0 mm 0.0 mm 45.0 mm silver-coloured 10 St
RDSS-75 55.0 mm 75.0 mm 0.0 mm 56.0 mm silver-coloured 10 St
RDSS-100 75.0 mm 110.0 mm 0.0 mm 90.0 mm silver-coloured upon request
RDSS-125 100.0 mm 125.0 mm 0.0 mm 103.0 mm silver-coloured upon request
RDSS-150 125.0 mm 150.0 mm 60.0 mm 129.0 mm silver-coloured 240 St