TEXTALU/E™Braided sleeve for thermal protection

  • temperature range: -40 °C to 220 °C
  • size range 3...12 mm
  • outstanding radiant heat protection
  • non-inflammable
  • suitable for high flexibility at low temperatures
  • EU RoHS

TEXTALU/E is a thin-walled braided sleeve made of fibreglass with heat-reflecting aluminium coating. Due to the reflective surface, TEXTALU/E ensures internal temperature stability of the sleeving despite frequent external temperature fluctuations, hence providing excellent protection of wires and cable assemblies against radiant heat.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -40 °C  to  220 °C


Materials glass fibre braided sleeving with aluminium coating
Flammability meets MVSS 302 standard (flame retardancy)
Halogen content halogen free


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV not ELV compliant

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • silver (-8)
Markets Automotive, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Motorsports
Further products TAPE-69N, TAPE-68N


Size range of product family 3...12 mm

Article stock TEXTALU/E™ (6 of 6 Article)

Article Inner Ø max Wtn on supply inner diameter nom. Color availability Bookmark
TEXTALU/E-4-8 4.0 mm 0.45 mm silver grey upon request
TEXTALU/E-5-8 5.0 mm 0.45 mm silver grey upon request
TEXTALU/E-6-8 6.0 mm 0.45 mm silver grey 3038 m
TEXTALU/E-8-8 8.0 mm 0.65 mm 8.0 mm silver grey upon request
TEXTALU/E-10-8 10.0 mm 0.65 mm 10.0 mm silver grey upon request
TEXTALU/E-12-8 12.0 mm 0.8 mm 12.0 mm silver grey upon request