HTCM-SCEHigh temperature, low outgassing, tie-on-cable marker tags

  • temperature range: -55 °C to 225 °C
  • size range 5,08 ... >12,5 mm
  • low vacuum outgassing
  • rapid, simple installation
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS
  • Mil

HTCM-SCE markers are flat, rigid, non-adhesive labels that can be used to identify large cables and wire bundles in high temperature environments and outer space applications where low vacuum outgassing is required. They are highly flame-retardant, and extremely resistant to abrasion, mechanical abuses, fluids, lubricants and solvents. Thanks to DKG's modulated printing system, HTCM-SCE markers feature a long-lasting legibility.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -55 °C  to  225 °C

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance JP8 aviation fluid, hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, de-icing fluid, gasoline, salt solution 5 %

Physical properties

Tensile strength 20.6 MPa
Ultimate elongation 200.0 %
water absorption 0.5 %


Materials radiation crosslinked polyvinylidene fluoride
Flammability highly flame retardant


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant
Mil MIL-STD-202

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • white (-9)
Markets Industrial, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Defense, Aerospace


Size range of product family 5,08 ... >12,5 mm

Article stock HTCM-SCE (4 of 4 Article)

Article No of mounting holes Height printable Width printable Application outer Ø min Color availability Bookmark
HTCM-SCE-1/2-4H-4 4 12.7 mm 50.8 mm 12.5 mm yellow upon request
HTCM-SCE-1/2-4H-9 4 12.7 mm 50.8 mm 12.5 mm white upon request
HTCM-SCE-1/4-4H-4 4 6.4 mm 50.8 mm 5.08 mm yellow upon request
HTCM-SCE-1/4-4H-9 4 6.4 mm 50.8 mm 5.08 mm white upon request