D-150-Z393Matched Impedance Splice for RG 393 Coaxial Cable Repair

  • cable repair instead of exchange
  • maintains cable's electrical properties
  • insertion/return loss according MIL-PRF-32517
  • matched impedance
  • vibration proof

Matched impedance splice kit series D-150-Z eliminates the need for costly removal and replacement of damaged coaxial cable by allowing for fast, easy repair of the cable in situ. Consisting of a hexagonal crimp barrel for the center conductor, an accurate dielectric shell, and an heat shrinkable, environmentally sealing SolderShield splice for shield termination, it maintains the cable characteristics and transfer function.

Electrical properties

Breakdown voltage 7,500 V
Impedance 46 to 57,5 Ohm

Thermal properties

Operating temperature 55 °C  to  150 °C
Cable temperature rating min 165 °C


Solder material Sn63 per ANSI-J-STD-006
solder preform design fluxed solder preform
Sealing material thermoplastic sealing insert
alloy connector tin plated annealed copper (ASTM B-152)
Materials radiation crosslinked polyvinylidene fluoride, FEP liner

General properties

Brand TE Connectivity Raychem
Type of connector coaxial cable splice
Position of solder preform centered
Installation of connector combined crimp and solder installation
Markets Defense, Aviation, Industrial


Size range of product family Ausschließlich für RG 393
application outer diameter max. 10.0 mm
inner diameter large opening 13.6 mm
shield diameter Ø 8.8 mm
length at delivery 60.0 mm

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