NANOSMDC..FResettable SMD device, 48 V max.

  • low resistance
  • fast time-to-trip
  • suitable for very-high-density board applications
  • minimized sizes
  • CSA
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS
  • UL file

The low-ohmic device NANOSMDC..F on polymer basis has a positiv temperature coefficient (PTC). It is suited for protective functions of electronical applications within a voltage range up to 48 V. NANOSMDC..F offers functions seen in a fuse, and upon heating (e.g. through over currents or short curcuits) amplifies its resistivity from an initial low-ohmic resistor to a very high-ohmic resistor. NANOSMDC..F is immune to manipulation and resets after debugging.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -40 °C  to  85 °C

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance Freon®, trichlorethane, hydrocarbons


lead material matte tin with nickel underplate
Materials tin plated copper, NICKELUNTERLEGT, fluorocarbon doped synthetic material
Flammability flame retardant
Halogen content low halogen


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant
CSA CA78165
UL file E74889

General properties

Brand PolySwitch
design surface mount
Markets IT, Industrial, Automotive


Size range of product family 0,12 ... 2 A bei 20 °C

Article stock NANOSMDC..F (2 of 2 Article)

Article Length nom Thickness Width Contact thickness Curve radius R25 min R20 max Char. values max I (hold) 25 I (trip) 25 Time to trip Tripped power diss. availability Bookmark
NANOSMDC012F-2 3.4 mm 1.0 mm 1.8 mm 0.75 mm 0.08 mm 1.4 Ω 6.5 Ω DC 48 V / 10 A 0.12 A 0.39 A 0.2 sek 0.5 W upon request
NANOSMDC150F-2 3.4 mm 0.89 mm 1.8 mm 0.75 mm 0.08 mm 0.04 Ω 0.11 Ω DC 6 V / 100 A 1.5 A 3 A 0.3 sek 0.8 W upon request