STRIPMPrecision wire stripping tool

  • size range AWG 26 ... 10
  • replaceable blades and grippers
  • mil-spec blades
  • stripping of solid or stranded wire

The Stripmaster precision stripper for professional applications provides disposable blades and protective gripper jaws for centring of wires during stripping.Attuned equipment facilitates defined stripping and partial strippingThe blades can individually be attuned to the to-be-adapted conduit. Simple, one-squeeze operation: Just insert wire between blades, squeeze handles and release.

Device properties

type of appliance wire stripper

General properties

Markets Industrial, Automotive, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Defense, Telecommunication


Size range of product family AWG 26 ... 10

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Article Tool type Handle colour AWG min AWG max availability Bookmark
STRIPM-45-1513 CUSTOM_STRIPMASTER schwarz, rot 26 16 upon request
STRIPM-55-1987 ERGO_ELITE schwarz 26 16 upon request