SETRSide entry Tinel Lock™ Ring

  • temperature range: -65 °C to 200 °C
  • size range 9,63 mm ... 33,53 mm
  • easy to install
  • one-piece construction
  • low profile
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS

The ring is a heat recoverable metal braid terminator, which provides a method of joining a gross cable or harness shield to a customer-built connector backshell or other termination device without prepositioning the ring on the harness. The uniform recovery force generated by this shape-memory ring gives the termination excellent mechanical and electrical properties, resulting in superior performance.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -65 °C  to  200 °C


Materials Shape-Memory-Metal (nickel-titanium alloy)


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

Markets Automotive, Industrial, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Defense, Railway
Further products CV-1981, AD-5000-TINEL-ASSY


Size range of product family 9,63 mm ... 33,53 mm
width 1.85 mm

Article stock SETR (15 of 15 Article)

Article inner diameter min. inner diameter max. availability Bookmark
SETR-04BI 10.11 mm 10.57 mm upon request
SETR-04AI 9.63 mm 10.08 mm upon request
SETR-06AI 12.67 mm 13.28 mm upon request
SETR-08AI 15.75 mm 16.51 mm upon request
SETR-08BI 16.23 mm 17.02 mm upon request
SETR-10AI 18.9 mm 19.86 mm upon request
SETR-10BI 19.38 mm 20.37 mm upon request
SETR-12AI 22.02 mm 23.16 mm upon request
SETR-12BI 22.5 mm 23.65 mm upon request
SETR-14AI 25.1 mm 26.42 mm upon request
SETR-14BI 25.58 mm 26.92 mm upon request
SETR-16AI 28.22 mm 29.74 mm upon request
SETR-16BI 30.25 mm 32.77 mm upon request
SETR-18AI 31.34 mm 33.05 mm upon request
SETR-18BI 31.8 mm 33.53 mm upon request