S1048Hot-melt adhesive tape

  • temperature range: -55 °C to 120 °C
  • solvent resistant
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS

S1048 is suitable for applications at higher temperatures (+120° C max.) and provides excellent bonding characteristics in combination with most cable jacket materials. In addition to that, S1048 features high fluid resistance and for it is supplied in tapes, exact portioning and simple processing is guaranteed.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -55 °C  to  120 °C

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance hydraulic fluid, aviation fuel F-40, diesel fuel, lubricating oil


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

adhesives supply form ribbon 20 mm x 0,3 mm x 10 m
Markets Industrial

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S1048-TAPE-30M ribbon 20 mm x 0,3 mm x 10 m upon request