RPPMVisual excellence - moisture-proof and flexible

  • temperature range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • size range 1,0 ... 16,0 mm
  • shrink ratio 4 : 1
  • abrasion resistant
  • mechanically tough
  • EU ELV
  • EU RoHS

RPPM is a flexible, heat-shrinkable, dual wall tubing with an integrally bonded meltable adhesive liner. RPPM is used for moisture-proof encapsulation of a wide variety of components. Clear RPPM offers excellent clarity for protection of substrates that may need to be inspected during service. Black RPPM has a high gloss finish suitable for cosmetic applications.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -40 °C  to  85 °C
Processing temperature 60 °C  to  80 °C


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV ELV compliant

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • clear (-X)
Markets Automotive, Industrial, Trade


Size range of product family 1,0 ... 16,0 mm
Shrink ratio 4 : 1

Article stock RPPM (4 of 4 Article)

Article Inner Ø as supplied Inner Ø fully shrunk Wtn fully shrunk Color availability Bookmark
RPPM-8/2-X-SP 8.0 mm 2.0 mm 0.3 mm transparent upon request
RPPM-12/3-X-SP 12.0 mm 3.0 mm 0.4 mm transparent upon request
RPPM-12/3-X-STK 12.0 mm 3.0 mm 0.4 mm transparent 30 m
RPPM-16/4-X-STK 16.0 mm 4.0 mm 0.5 mm transparent upon request