DW-DUO-PA6Corrugated openable tubing DUO-PA6

  • modular DUO principle for post installation scenarios
  • temperature range: -40 °C to 140 °C
  • size range 6,2 ... 54,2 mm
  • flexible
  • suitable for fixed applications
  • axially split connection glands available
  • very high resistance to weathering
  • excellent marten protection
  • EU RoHS

The corrugated tubing DW-DUO-PA6 is the perfect cable protection solution for easy retrofitting. It can be opened at any time, assembled and reclosed, is economical to use, flexible and temperature resistant. With our divisible connectors and other additional parts DW-DUO-PP can be expanded into a complete cable protection system. The double tube also offers excellent protection against martens.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature -40 °C  to  140 °C
operating temperature up to (brief) 160 °C

Chemical properties

Fluid resistance Acids, lye, fuels, isopropylalcohol, mineral oil, fat


Materials polyamide (PA6)
Flammability Non-flame propagating
Halogen content halogen free


Test UL94 HB


EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV not ELV compliant

General properties

Standard colours of product family
  • black (-0)
Markets Industrial, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Railway


Size range of product family 6,2 ... 54,2 mm

Article stock DW-DUO-PA6 (8 of 8 Article)

Article Inner Ø nom Outer Ø nom Bending radius static Bending radius Wt/metre nom Color availability Bookmark
DW-DUO-PA6-8.5-0 6.2 mm 11.2 mm 70.0 mm 245.0 mm 31.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-10-0 7.9 mm 12.9 mm 75.0 mm 260.0 mm 40.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-12-0 10.3 mm 15.8 mm 100.0 mm 350.0 mm 70.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-17-0 13.9 mm 21.0 mm 120.0 mm 420.0 mm 93.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-23-0 20.5 mm 28.3 mm 170.0 mm 595.0 mm 140.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-29-0 26.6 mm 34.5 mm 180.0 mm 630.0 mm 185.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-36-0 32.0 mm 41.8 mm 200.0 mm 700.0 mm 275.0 g/m black upon request
DW-DUO-PA6-48-0 43.0 mm 54.2 mm 240.0 mm 840.0 mm 320.0 g/m black upon request