COPALUM-CLS-SPLICELightweight crimp splice

  • lightweight construction
  • easy to install
  • superior design

The new optimized design of COPALUM sealed splices provides a significant weight reduction over copper made connectors. The terminal’s perforated insert in the crimp barrel penetrates aluminum oxides on the conductor to form an oxide-free termination. The single crimp process also eliminates the need for a second crimp for wire sealing.

Thermal properties

Operating temperature max 175 °C


Materials aluminium, nickel plating, tin plating, brass, PTFE coating

General properties

Type of connector wire splice
Markets Aviation, Defense, Shipbuilding, Trade, Industrial

Article stock COPALUM-CLS-SPLICE (5 of 5 Article)

Article Length max Crimp zone Ø min Outer Ø max availability Bookmark
TERM-CLS-0-2226081-1 66.55 mm 11.18 mm 14.73 mm upon request
TERM-CLS-0-2226082-1 69.85 mm 13.41 mm 17.53 mm upon request
TERM-CLS-0-2226083-1 76.45 mm 15.9 mm 19.94 mm upon request
TERM-CLS-0-2226084-1 82.04 mm 18.03 mm 22.0 mm upon request
TERM-CLS-0-2226085-1 82.04 mm 18.59 mm 22.0 mm upon request